Editors Page

Patricia Brooks is the founder and editor of Aromatherapy Thymes magazine. Patricia’s passion for aromatherapy led her to launch aromatherapythymes.com in the late ’90s as a resource website for consumers interested in essential oils. When response to the website was overwhelming, the magazine was a natural progression.

Patricia’s unique approach to aromatherapy integrates scientific information with holistic principles, making it the perfect blend of essential oil knowledge for both the curious novice and the seasoned aromatherapy enthusiast.

As an advocate and champion for small farmers and local essential oil distributors. Patricia felt the most important part of aromatherapy was somehow being overlooked, the planting and distilling; she learned about how the plants were grown, distilled, and how important of a part it was to the culture. Join the  “Editors Club” to receive Bi-Monthly essential oil picks directly from her.

Patricia has participated in panel discussions and workshops on essential oil safety at Whole Foods markets and other organizations in the Los Angeles area. Patricia continues to write about aromatherapy. When she isn’t writing, or sharing aromatherapy with others, she is sharing her love for music on her music instagram page @trishloveslyrics, she also loves cooking, as her parents owned a restaurant in the midwest, she’s an avid hiker and the most enjoyable moments now are spent with her twin granddaughters.

Prior to launching Aromatherapy Thymes, Patricia worked for the renowned music producer Quincy Jones at Quincy Jones Entertainment and Qwest Records.